Springs for commercial vehicles, railway rolling stock and trailers

Springs, control arms and accessories for commercial vehicles and trailers

Our stock of springs is pretty comprehensive and without doubt the most extensive in the Nordic countries in terms of the scale of products. Heavy and light trucks, vans, SUVs and trailers for different purposes all belong to our field of operations in terms of suspension. The core of Jousitukku lies in leaf springs, control arms for air spring suspension and their related components such as U-bolts, pins, fittings, shackles, hollow springs and other similar parts. The products are mainly manufactured in Europe at plants certified for such operations (e.g. Weweler Belgium), with whom Jousitukku has a long history of efficient cooperation.

The spring is a critical component of a vehicle, and delivery schedule is a significant factor in Jousitukku’s competitiveness. Most of the orders are delivered to the customer from the warehouse in Ylöjärvi the day after the order, and sometimes even on the same day as the order. The spring plays a major role in the driving comfort of a vehicle, and reinforcing or softening packages are among our areas of expertise. Our deliveries are mainly targeted at the after-sales market, but we also deliver springs to OEM suppliers, such as trailer manufacturers.

Springs for railway rolling stock

HŽP a.s. is a spring manufacturer based in Prostějov in the Czech Republic, and is specialised in OEM springs for trucks and leaf- and coil springs for railway rolling stock. Jousitukku’s cooperation with HŽP dates back to the mid-1990s, and we represent the factory in the Nordic markets. HŽP’s operations have been audited by many major railway companies, and the factory delivers springs for rolling stock all around Europe.

The need to order springs varies considerably between different operators, and putting together the quantities required for production requires the combining of orders and the forecasting of needs. Jousitukku also plays a significant role as a buffer warehouse between production and the customer. The buffer warehouse enables a spring factory to engage in competitive production, and the customer to order smaller batches on short delivery times but on competitive terms.

Products to order made of spring steel

Because of its properties, tempered spring steel is suitable for many different purposes. For example, the different components of agricultural equipment and the equipment in children’s play parks both utilise the properties of spring steel.

Present customer relations are largely based on components manufactured in accordance with customer drawings but, if necessary, we can also offer design. Even small batches on tight schedules are possible.

Do you need storage space for springs?

The spring hotel is a service for customers who regularly need springs in their production and operations, but who do not have the resources to store them. The springs are stored in Finland close to the customer and delivered in agreed batches on a delivery schedule of 1–2 days.


Trusted and high-quality spring products

With us you are served by people

Tempered spring steel bends into many forms, and so do we at Jousitukku. We accept even difficult challenges, and provide assistance in solving spring-related problems. We always take responsibility for our work, so with us you will avoid unnecessary risks. How can we serve you?

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