Our business is mainly specialised in leaf springs and control arms for commercial vehicles, in leaf- and coil springs for railway rolling stock and in spring-related components. The springs are manufactured at our partners’ factories, mainly in Europe, in certified production environments with modern robot technology. These days, production is becoming increasingly focused on both raw materials and production, and the factories are choosing their partners with increasing care. Jousitukku’s strong position is based on the decades-long cooperation of its key personnel with manufacturers, and on a sufficient level of volumes in orders. Our own production operations mainly focus on the modification (reinforcement, etc.) of spring packages and on the manufacture of U-bolts ordered in special dimensions.

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Our operating goal is clear: to win in all areas of e-commerce! A spring is hardly ever an impulse purchase but usually a solution to an acute problem. The main basis of our operations is the identification and certification of the required spring, second comes delivery schedule and, third, price. So far, our customer-oriented way of working, delivery accuracy, delivery schedule and price level have, in the opinion of our customers, been competitive. The bar has been set deliberately high, as mediocrity in today’s market will not suffice.

All customers are important to us, and operating models tailored to the customer are growing all the time. Our network of regional partners covering the whole country works well, and we ourselves have been able to focus on our key area, the content of our warehouse, thus ensuring the good availability of springs, even for new models.

In spring-related matters, it’s always worth discussing with our experts!

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