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Pohjolan Jousitukku Oy (Nordic Spring Wholesale Ltd.) is a new company that is just beginning its operations. The staff, however, has a long experience in the field and was surprisingly brought together again by the recent market turmoil. We believe that the trust of the clients and the customer base provides good prerequisites for our new company, although the goals we have set for ourselves regarding the level of customer service create quite a lot of pressure. Jousitukku is focused on serving regional retailers as well as factories manufacturing new equipment.
Our objective is to be a trustworthy partner without, however, meddling in our customers’ business operations – there are enough “market bullies” in our field as it is. By focusing on the content of the warehouse and logistics we can produce the best added value for our customers. Technical consulting in spring-related matters is also included in our support services. Just like tempered spring steel, also Jousitukku is versatile and bends into many forms. We are happy to accept challenges regarding different kinds of cooperation models as well as new products. After a few operating years, we will be able to describe our company in more detail.


– Leaf springs and spring plates
– U bolts
– Pins and fittings
– Spring brackets and shackles
– Industrial coil springs
– Different components manufactured from tempered steel
– Contract manufactured components


Successful problem solving is the goal of our operation. Recognizing the necessary spring and other components as well as fast delivery to the customer enable quick return of the commercial vehicle to gainful employment. Our service is customer-oriented and clear.

Speed and Reliability of Delivery

Extensive warehouse that takes the market into consideration enables, as a rule, immediate deliveries (1 day). Since all springs cannot be stored, in challenging cases we do not promise what we cannot keep, but find out availability from our manufacturers and supervise that matters progress as agreed.

Price and Quality

We only cooperate with spring manufacturers who have certified their quality. Long-term cooperation and optimized amounts of orders enable competitive pricing – which of course benefits the customer.

We Solve Our Customer’s Problems

Pohjolan Jousitukku Oy

Postal and invoicing address:
Lamminkankaantie 35, 33420 Tampere, Finland

Elovainiontie 13, 33470 Ylöjärvi, Finland

E-invoice address:

VAT number:

+358 10 235 4470

Sales (ENG/FIN)

Kalle Eskelinen
Tel. +350 50 569 1544

Heikki Lamminen
Tel. +350 44 973 8836 

Logistics / Deliveries (ENG/FIN)

Jaani Kuusisto
Tel. +350 50 5747 322

Marketing / Contracts (ENG/FIN) 

Risto Kuusisto
Tel. +350 44 3660 600